Instead of actually changing field values you create events with a date and the new values.
The previous values are saved in conjunction with the event as historical data.

Therefore the flow of changes is transparent and comprehensible.

Consequentially Reports or queries can be made also in later years without having
to worry about current data and are providing the historical results.

With queries you can search for one or more assets and get a list of all matches.
From the list you can jump directly to editing mode, make your changes and
continue with next match in your list.
You can make selections based on all fields also with the use of wildcards.
By entering "machi*" in the selection field asset description you retrieve a list
of all machines without knowing the real account of those assets.
Also it is possible to narrow the search by making selections on certain events
such as getting all disposed assets last quarter.

  • Unlimited amount of assets in the system
  • Management of Sub-assets (Sub-numbers)
  • Assignment to place and room
  • Assignment to asset groups
  • Manufacturer and Serial numbers
  • Project number
  • Structure number
  • Assignment of a picture
  • You can attach unlimited documents of any type to the assets and can also be opened from inside the system.
  • Unlimited amount of notes
  • Management of pieces, e.g. 20 chairs
  • Up to four different views and calculations are possible. e.g. fiscal, commercial law, imputed, group directives
  • User defined fields

If you ever would have known where to find an asset or who is using it, then
enter places and rooms and attach the assets to them.

With that done you can sort, range, group (and therewith sums) on these fields in all reports in order to get
answers to this question.

To let administration of these information remain reasonable we recommend the use of our
inventory module, with that you can check and update the status quo at any time.

Per asset you can enter all belonging vouchers or simply take them over from your financial accounting. With that feature the
problematic around more than one incoming invoices and subsequent debit notes is considered. Each voucher can also
be atttached to an event such as the sales in order to calculate profit/loss.



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