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Since first Installation in 2001 successfully in use by more than 100 customers in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia, and more countries. Mostly in combination with the financial accounting system "Eurofib" in which this system
can be fully integrated. 1/3 of the installations are solutions which are not connected to a financial accounting system or with a different one.



Freely definable extra depreciations, types of additions or disposals as well as depreciation methods guarantuees a high degree
of flexibility.

By using state of the art development tools and databases from trend-setting, stable companies future developments
are safe.

Data can be exported and imported using a wide range of formats.
The formats nowadays used such as Excel, PDF, CSV, TXT and XML are self-evidently.

Data security is implemented in two ways, on one hand we rely on the competence of the manufacturer of our databases we use and take use of their security policies. On the other hand Euro-AMS Asset Accounting is equipped with a full fledged rights management system. With that management system it is possible to hide menus, programs or even lock or hide single fields from users or user groups.


Regardless how big your company is, Euro-AMS Asset Accounting can be ordered customized to your needs by selecting the
appropriate variant Light, Professional und Premium and suitable Add-Ons. That ensures that you only pay for functionality you are really in need to.

Data storage is done safely and efficient with the aid of modern SQL databases. Here you can as well choose the
right database suitable to your budget and companies size and the right license offered in those products
(Oracle, SQLServer or Sybase).

If you happen to own one of that databases already, then you can use it immediately with our system without extra costs.

Different law/legislations or languages makes no difference.
Euro-AMS Asset Accounting can be delivered for up to 18 languages and legislations.
Numerous configuration options allows individual adjustments to individuals needs.

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