The system can be configured freely to your wishes by yourself.
No fixed tables or "hidden" programming where you are forced to buy
new versions every year.

Find below some of possibilities to customize your system.


General and country-specific depreciation methods are already installed in your system and
can be activated/deactivated on request.

it is however with Euro-AMS Accounting possible to define your own depreciation methods and
use them in various views (fiscal, commercial law, etc.).

Thereby no limits apply, you can set calculation formulas with or without the formula generator as you wish.

Regardless if calculated based on declining, linear,digital or using imputed interests no limits apply on
your imagination or needs


Every action which can happen to an asset from purchase to disposal is implemented in the system as events.
Using that technique leads to clear overview and consistent input masks and to easier query possibilities.
Extra depreciation, subsequent additions, allocation of reserves and start-up are events, which the system
treats in a predefined way. For this reason the system is scalable suitable regarding growth and necessity without
messing the screens with unnecessary information.




Program features, Program parts or specific functions can activated and deactivated.
You can for example completely hide the imputed view if you do not use imputed depreciation.
If you are about to create a lot of assets calculation would take some time. Deactivate the automatic calculation
and simply execute the calculation later. Use the setting to disable date entry for the future to avoid
input errors.

With these settings you increase overview and processing time and configure the system optimally to your needs.


The system is fully multi-client capable, supports management of multiple companies in a single database.
With the help of a main client basic data (e.g. Shared accounting structure) can be managed centrally und
with a single click transferred to other clients. Special entries per client are possible, though.

Asset can be copied from one to another client, whether by 1:1 Copy,
disposal in one client and addition in another one, only addition in the new client, or
copy to a new client and delete in the old one.
Because of this reorganisation, new set-ups or split-ups can be implemented easily.




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