Current-value depreciations, Appreciations, extra ordinary depreciations, Part-disposals, etc. all can be entered in the
same input form. The system supports entering of the data by only enabling fields relevant to the event and
automatically recalculates the impact on development of the asset.



Assets can be combined into groups in order to create reports and /or store basic data defaults
for useful life, depreciation method and limits.

With that functionality you have another possibility to group assets without
rethinking about your real account structure.



Inbuilt into the system are basic data programs for management of cost centres, cost units, cost centre groups
and cost unit groups which enables you to make reports or search the assets by these terms.

Create entries for recurring suppliers or customers to simplify input and generate reports out of it.

You can manage all Evaluation reserves regardless if derived from accelerated depreciation, subventions or transfer of hidden reserves.
It is also possible to repost evaluation reserves with any desired date and split it up to different other assets.




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