Work using your first language!

Send Documents translated in the language of the receiver!

Allow foreign group auditors to understand your data!

Example 1:

As a Hungarian user working for a German group with Euro-AMS Asset Accounting you can enter and make reports using your own language. All Input Forms, basic data selections and lists are in Hungarian language If it happens that a German auditor wants to see your data all you have to do is create a German user and your are done.

Example 2:

You are a Czech user employed by a British group and this group demands a report using British law in Pounds.
The only thing you need is Euro-AMS Asset Accounting with language module English and exchange rates!

Example 3:

An Croatian company has entitled a polish company to enter the data for them.
As Tax advisor an english company was selected for checking.
The accounting division in Crotia gets the data and can change or view it using their own language.

Naturally this is a rather fictive example but it should show what is possible with Euro-AMS Asset Accounting.


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